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I tried to bake

In an effort to find out what a non-student, post-dissertation Kelly might be, I’ve taken up a few hobbies to varying degrees of success:

  • Growing herbs
  • Re-learning Italian
  • Cooking

The herbs became nothing more than a nondescript dried-up mess after I went away for a weekend without reminding my parents to water them, and I’m still too shy to speak to Italian people in Italian. Cooking is going surprisingly well when I can be bothered to do it, and as far as baking goes – I had never so much as tried to move past boring cupcakes and Betty Crocker chocolate cakes. It almost sounds like I’m having a mid-life crisis in my 20s, but with a messier kitchen and more burnt fingers and floury floors than one would expect.

Tangled chocolate chip cookies

My most recent attempt at being a functioning adult involved baking a much-loved classic: chocolate chip cookies. Here’s the recipe I used, but I substituted regular chocolate with a massive bar of Cadbury Bourneville chopped into delicious dark-chocolaty gems:

chocolate chip cookies

Considering that my digital scales were dead and I had to substitute baking soda for self-raising flour (apparently that’s a thing you can do), these turned out pretty good. Batch number three was way better because I had the timing down – I struggled with that because I’m not used to the idea that I need to take the tray out of the oven while the cookies are still ‘soft’ in the middle. Incidentally, just ‘soft’ is really too vague. How soft is ‘soft’? How soft is ‘too soft’? How soft is ‘not soft enough’? Panic!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

They weren’t quite as soft as I’d have liked, but they were so perfect and comforting when dipped in tea that I’m willing to forgive them for that. Bring forth the next culinary challenge!



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