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I Wore This.

A couple of blog posts ago, I mentioned the possibility of a future post where I’d put together an outfit using some of the pieces I bought in Italy. This is that post. I was up early to run some grown-up errands and do some Christmas shopping, so I needed something practical but presentable. Enter, the OVS Dress.



Hat, Bag, necklace & Jacket: H&M |Dress & Belt: OVS

The hat has to be my favourite. I have a big head, and one size certainly  does not fit all, so when I find a hat that actually fits, I buy it. Can you hear me now, high-street shops? Moving on.

With a task like Christmas shopping on your hands, you need to prepare with a hearty breakfast, right? Of course. Before hitting the shops, I needed to make a pit-stop at Flora’s – a charming little cafe’ in Naxxar. I’m pretty sure that those pancakes helped me make some great gift-giving choices today (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

That’s a wrap for this Saturday’s shenanigans. How’s it going with your shopping this holiday season? 



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