Book Review: 7 Brief Lessons on Physics

A few weeks ago I blogged about Books I Bought in Italy, mentioning that I’d review at least one of the books eventually. I decided to start off with Carlo Rovelli’s Seven Brief Lessons on Physics – a short but immensely satisfying read with a beautiful cover to boot.


Each chapter covers a monumental moment which shook the world of physics in the 20th century, and continue to shake and shape our world today. From Einstein’s theory of relativity, to quantum mechanics, black holes, the architecture of the universe, and the nature of self and the mind, Rovelli wraps these complex theories and truths in language which brings out the art inherent in science. Here’s a short extract from his book to highlight exactly what I mean:

Quantum mechanics and experiments with particles have taught us that the world is a continuous, restless swarming of things; a continuous coming to light and disappearance of ephemeral entities. A set of vibrations, as in the switched-on hippie world of the 1960s. A world of happenings, not of things

A world of happenings, not of things – how beautiful is that? It’s easy to forget you’re reading a book about science with words like this. I’m definitely going to give this a solid 4/5 as a read which is well worth your time.




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