Reasons to Travel
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Arguably Abroad: My Reason to Travel

Reasons to Travel

As a girl who has grown up on a tiny island with just barely (and that’s being generous) enough room for around 450,000 inhabitants, I can’t think of anything worse than spending a lifetime living in the same country indefinitely. Take away the promise of yearly holidays, and it becomes plain terrifying.

It’s dangerously easy, I find, to get too comfortable; to become lazy and almost forget that just beyond our little trio of islands is a whole world to explore and a wealth of memories to be made. It’s terribly easy to forget that we’re a WiFi connection and a few clicks away from your next great adventure at any given moment. For some, that might mean a 1-2 week holiday; for others, that holiday might stretch into a month. Others – a year. Two years. Why not?

Reasons to Travel

Looking out over Ponte Vecchio, Florence

I guess one of the key points I’m trying to make here is that travel (real travel, not overgrown shopping sprees) is the way to develop as a person. It’s always interesting, rewarding even, to find out what ‘you’ are when you’re removed from the people and places that have been constants in your being and becoming. For some, it’s more frightening than anything else. But that’s okay (do it anyway).

Some might comment and ask how  you could possibly be planning another holiday, how you could spend your money seemingly without a second thought when there’s other things your could buy or save up for. Some will be surprised you’re not saving up for no specific reason other than to save up. Honestly, at the end of it all, what’s more valuable? Do I want things or do I want memories? I know which one I choose. Be self-sufficient, save up, get your own place (or rent) – but please, travel. See things and meet people; try new types of cuisine and see what it means to be you without the things which usually serve as the backdrop to your life.

At the end of it all, you might have less money in your account, but you’ll be so much wealthier. Life is entirely too short to be spent working solely to have lots of things  to fill the house on the island you’ll never leave.

So where to next? What are your top travel destinations? 


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