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So…I’m moving to the UK.

Well I have been quiet for a fair while, haven’t I? Things have been a little hectic, partly because holy shit I’m moving abroad for the first time in my life. And that kind of thing takes time, you know? Existential crises take time.


Where am I off to and what’s the plan?

Anyway, I’m moving to a northern city called Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and I’ll be living and working there while I study for an MLitt Philosophy at Newcastle University. Hurrah! For a long time, it’s basically been my dream to do exactly that – but that doesn’t mean it was all sunshine and rainbows once I hit the big, red button.

The (Blind) Panic

There have been many times where I was gripped by this white-hot fear that it was all going to be a terrible mistake – that I’d end up alone, nobody there would like me, and it’ll all just be a massive failure resulting in me returning to Malta with my tail between my legs. The flip-side to that was pure elation at the fact that I finally took the steps I needed to get myself where I want to be; it’s easy to get too comfortable here in Malta. Easy to forget how badly you need to leave.

On wanting to leave Malta

Before some of you reading this hop on the ‘MALTA D BEST’ bandwagon and get on my case for wanting and needing to leave, give me a moment. Malta is a great, beautiful island with centuries of history and some of the nicest people you’ll meet this side of the Mediterranean – but no matter how great your home country might be, I think it’s just so important to live abroad for a while, in different countries if possible. Why? Well I just think it shapes us into generally better, more independent and interesting people. Living with your parents until you’re like 30 isn’t the way to encourage personal growth, just saying.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll move on to one other reason I need to leave: the way this country is being ruined one development, one crane, one bribery at a time. The fact that ‘we’ the people seem so powerless to stop it is maddening.

I’m tired. Tired of the year-round struggle with allergies and throbbing sinus headaches I get because of the dust. I’m tired of the 8+ cranes I see every morning as I make my way to work. I’m tired of the other (countless) cranes spreading across the island like some sort of plague. I’m angry about how the so-called Planning Authority is doing literally nothing to preserve our history or maintain some sort of aesthetic integrity in our cities, towns, and villages. They don’t care and they don’t listen. I’m angry that the government does nothing to stop this rampant over-development of our tiny island – we’re going to run out of space, and you can’t bribe someone into creating more land. I’m tired of the traffic and pollution. I’m tired of how disgusting this supposedly-1st-world EU country looks when you venture beyond the bits we show to those all-important dignitaries. I’m tired of the complete disregard shown to the environment. I could go on, but I think you get it, right? On to more positive things!

Things I’m Excited About

Oh goodie, my favourite part. I’ve been visiting Newcastle ever since I was a child because I have family up north – so I already know what I’m excited to do once I settle in there:

  • Waterstones, Blackwells, and all the other bookshops that are NOT Agenda
  • Cooler weather (I’m a winter person)
  • Sweaters and scarves and wooly socks
  • Hanging out with my English family
  • Newcastle University!
  • Grainger Market – a huge market in Newcastle where you can buy all the fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, and meat you want (and more) at really good prices
  • Trains
  • Castles, lighthouses, ruined monasteries, etc.
  • Amazon Prime Now, not even going to lie
  • Having my own space that’s 100% mine and not in Malta
  • Lush
  • Snow (a little bit)
  • Pub lunches
  • Living right next to a huge park
  • Getting a bicycle

I’m a woman of simple pleasures. Give me a bicycle, a good bookshop, and the university of my dreams and I’m set. Oh, and here’s a picture of a tiny seaside town, just an hour away by bus, at sunset:


Anyway, I think I’ve moved past the whole ‘terrified to leave’ stage and into the ‘I’m so excited’ stage! Of course I’ll miss everyone here, but I’m only moving a 3 hour flight away. It’s not Australia.

Have you moved to another country? Do you have any tips for a newbie like myself? Hit me up!  



8 thoughts on “So…I’m moving to the UK.

  1. I 10000000% agree with your reasons for moving abroad. I remember a time where I went on my roof, looked around and saw more green than buildings… now the most green I see is a public bus!

    I’ve always wanted to move abroad, either to study or to work, but I was always scared of the change and there was always that one thing holding me back. Now all I have is my job as an LSA. If I could study about the things I love as a part-timer I would do it in a heartbeat, anything to study abroad

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a totally achievable dream! The change is scary and it all seems impossible until it hits you that the only thing more impossible than leaving is staying here forever 🙂 We’re still young enough to do all of these things, and I 100% think you’d kick ass studying/living abroad! x


  2. Richard Attard says:

    Good luck Kelly I been living here a year and a half a lovely place to live, prepare some warm clothes winter will soon start. weather is nothing like Malta and never get to swim in north sea its always freezing


  3. I moved abroad when I was 19, came back, then moved abroad again, and again and again within that abroad itself, and from that abroad, I moved yet again to yet another abroad before coming back to the rock, which I Iove, and hate, for all the same reasons you do, and where I’ve been for many years now, as you well know. They were all scary, all exciting, all very different. They turned me into a completely different person, to the point where I feel like an expat in my own country. Given the right timing and right opportunity, I would most definitely, live abroad again. Living abroad, for at least 6 months to a year, should be mandatory, like the army used to be mandatory. Go!! Spread your wings far and wide. Stretch your mind across the earth and soak up every vista and every experience until you are no longer yourself.
    I will definitely come for a visit. so make some space, on the floor, in the bath tub, on your sofa, between your books…… 🙂
    And if you don’t make time to see me before you go I will hunt you down like a hound on a fox.
    I love you much my dear friend xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Definitely should be mandatory! Thank you my fellow Scorpio girl ❤ xxxx and don't worry this weekend I'm going to sort out my calendar for the coming two weeks. Will talk to you and Martina soon 🙂


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